UPDATE All future designs will be limited edition (6 or less made) or one of a kind. Original Earring designs will be 25% off until November 30 and then they will be gone for good. The Autumn Collection will be limited quantities and so will new collections and launches. So don't wait and purchase your one of a kind pieces now!

Bead + Cowrie is a handmade jewelry line created by BespokeCurry that was started during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Curry is a Black Creative and a force to be reckoned with based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Here's a little bit about the name Bead and Cowrie from its founder Curry:

Beads and Baubles in the hair are a part of most black experiences growing up.  They are adornments. They are protection. They are also currency. Currency that before we were old enough to know would be stolen from us. Appropriated. For me hair and the way we adorn our coiffures and our bodies is the spirit of black folxs. The root of us. It is that from which everything else blooms

I chose the Cowrie shell for its connection to ancestral currency and Africa, but also for its connection to the ocean. The middle passage. Our ancestors who’s bodies became part of sea and shell. 

Bead and Cowrie is for everyone but it is a celebration of the soul that is forever Black folxs. It is a symbol of our beauty, our trendsetting and our resiliency in spite of it all.