Black Beauty School - Virtual Edition


We will be covering The Basics in this virtual module. The class will begin at 10 am and is approx 4-5 hours. This is the first virtual version of this class we are asking that you set aside 6 hours to be safe. You will receive a zoom link a few days before the event. You may opt to have a BIPOC model if you will be joining from a salon team or salon space. It is not required. Approximately a week prior to class you will receive an email with suggested tools and products.

Email with further questions.

Black Beauty School(BBS) is a 4-6 hour hands-on class that helps attendees understand how race and privilege contributes to Black Hair discrimination and how we systematically change this mindset over time in the industry. At the same time we also develop the practical skill sets that will help to make your salon a more inclusive, diverse, and safe space. This is a class that engages both the hairstylist and the consumer.
Black Beauty School is a Bead and Cowrie Production taught by Curry, Master Hairstylist and Colorist. Curry is Aveda trained with an extensive background in Black hair, entertainment, the arts, and Black culture.

At Bead and Cowrie we are unapologetically honest about Black hair education. We love beautiful Black aesthetics supported by knowledge and foundation, while curating comfort, style and safe space for Black folxs. We are redefining Black hair and it’s curriculums beyond the white gaze. Bead + Cowrie, Inspired by whimsy, Black pop culture, Theatre, and our forever religion. Us.